Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year

Ok, I know I have not posted in a few weeks but what can I say the new year is quite busy. I started off making a mystery quilt with a couple of my Yahoo groups on NY eve. I decided to make the queen size quilt using one of my favorite colors, burgandy. What can I say but it just takes time to make a large quilt. The home stretch is now in sight with a completion goal of today.

The shop has been busy as well with new fabrics arriving. I have totally ran out of room on my racks I have so hubby has built more shelves for me. New shelves will hold the Hello Betty fabric that is due to arrive any day. I love 30's and Retro prints with this line having plenty of both. Those Retro fabrics just take me back to the halls of Lueders-Avoca High School and wearing those short dresses we wore back in the day. I know our dresses were as short as the girls we see at times now. Of course, I now know what Mom was concerned about now when she would say "Do not bend over in that dress."

Blueberry muffins in the oven for the munchkin. Have a great end of week.

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