Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crazy Batik Shortcut Quilt

Well Lindsey is making progress on her Crazy Batik Shortcut quilt. She has finished all her blocks and is now ready to add the sashing. I think using the batik fabrics with black gives a cathedral window look.

Next thing you know I am going to have her teaching a class on Crazy Shortcut Quilts.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter Quilts in Texas?

Here in Texas it was 80 degrees yesterday. So how do you get in the mood to make a winter quilt in the middle of winter in Texas? I am not sure. I do know that I put my New Years Eve quilt top on the quilting frame and got two passes done when I decided I did not like the second pass so I'm going to gently remove those stiches and as I tell my children "Make a new plan Stan."

In the meantime, I have rearranged the shop again to accomodate more fabrics. I have lots of precuts in from Moda that just needed to show their pretty faces to me for inspiration. I have found a few patterns to accomodate the new Honey Buns and Turnovers from Moda. Are you like me and really just like to sit down and sew from what is in your head and see what appears? The problem is then you have to translate the creation to paper if someone else likes the creation which then takes you away from the sewing machine. Such a vicious circle!

It seems like the chat groups I am on are all quite. I suppose everyone is working on new projects instead of chatting. That is a good thing so we don't get behind in the new year projects.

If you are not a TV football fan, line up a project and get ready to sit and sew on Superbowl Sunday. That is my plan. I have some new Scrap Bags in from Moda that I may just have to pull off the shelf and make a quick Sunday project with those 40 coordinating 3 inch selvage strips that are calling my name.

Enough said have a good end of January.


Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year

Ok, I know I have not posted in a few weeks but what can I say the new year is quite busy. I started off making a mystery quilt with a couple of my Yahoo groups on NY eve. I decided to make the queen size quilt using one of my favorite colors, burgandy. What can I say but it just takes time to make a large quilt. The home stretch is now in sight with a completion goal of today.

The shop has been busy as well with new fabrics arriving. I have totally ran out of room on my racks I have so hubby has built more shelves for me. New shelves will hold the Hello Betty fabric that is due to arrive any day. I love 30's and Retro prints with this line having plenty of both. Those Retro fabrics just take me back to the halls of Lueders-Avoca High School and wearing those short dresses we wore back in the day. I know our dresses were as short as the girls we see at times now. Of course, I now know what Mom was concerned about now when she would say "Do not bend over in that dress."

Blueberry muffins in the oven for the munchkin. Have a great end of week.