Sunday, June 14, 2009

No time to sew

I try to make time to sew and find that all the other things on the priority list are winning out due to the deadlines that are enforce. I have started my pillow shams for my bed that will coordinate with my new years eve mystery quilt that lies lonesome with no pillows. Started is better than nothing I suppose.

This next month is going to really busy. I have church camp with the girls I work with at church (my dear hubby will be processing orders for me), then a few days of vacation, a week off to prepare for a mission trip I am going on to Arizona in July. Next time I will have a chance to sew is mid July. July is Dad's 75th birthday. The girls in the family will hopefully get together for our 2nd annual girls retreat. We may let the 2nd generation of girls join this year which should be fun.

One of my deadlines was ordering my fabric for fall - Decisions, Decisions. Bright colors are on the horizon for fall delivery with spring quilts in mind. I love the greens that are on the market now. Keep watching my website for more to come since I do have fabric coming in monthly.

Picture for this month is our new calf Juno. Inspiration for this picture post is the Udder Cowboy fabric that is in stock - way cute for that baby boy quilt you need to create.